How Much Does An Accountant Cost?

If you are planning to establish a business and hire people, hiring an accountant can provide you a lot of advantages. He or she can help you organize and file your taxes, advice you if you want to buy a property, assist you with budgeting a project or simply do the bookkeeping for you. An accountant can practically help you with everything about your finances, even your personal assets. So how much does an accountant cost?

First, we shortly discuss what an accountant can do to help you as a business person.

Advantages of Hiring an Accountant

An accountant can be your most trusted person with regards to your financial resources and organization. He or she can be your advisor and analyst when it comes to handling your overall financial assets including liabilities.

According to Accounting Coach, the following are what your accountant can help you with:

  • Assist you in preparing your organization or company’s financial statements like ledger maintenance and can also manage employees that are also involved in your business’s financial organization.
  • Work on your business’s cost management system by analyzing all the costs that go through your business’s operations, product development and operational expenses.
  • Can work with your internal auditor or CPA in your organization by assisting in auditing your firm’s financial statements as well as other body’s financial statements that are connected with your company.
  • Guide you and provide you advice with regards to your financial scheme and can convert financial data into business information.
  • Can be relied upon with regards to bookkeeping and finding the best business structure that you can add up to your business as he or she can determine if your capital is capable of handling the costs.
  • Experienced accountants can reset your overall accounting system and even analyze and prepare your tax returns as well as advice you on how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Can assist you with your budgeting, manage your company’s internal cash flow, create strategies through inventories and other financial concerns that can positively influence your business’ growth and productivity.

Average Cost of an Accountant

Most companies want to keep their accountants if they want to maintain their finances secret. But there are business firms that only hire accountants when they need them.

Today, accountants and CPAs are largely for hire because getting hired instead of working for individual companies can provide them better financial gain and have more freedom to work for multiple companies simultaneously. Having their accounting firms, they can provide accounting services for the small businesses to the largest multinational corporations without any restrictions.

Let’s now discuss the usual accounting fees that accountants charge based on their work:

  • According to Advisoryhq, an accountant whose tasked is to do bookkeeping for small businesses can charge by fixed-price agreement or per page or by the hour ranging from $125 to $150 an hour and this is for completing tax forms, data entry, producing financial reports and in learning the financial situations of these businesses. They may also be guided by software which the business organizations will provide.
  • New accountants who will be hired to do bookkeeping may charge $25 to $50 an hour, but this also depends on the experience they have earned and the distance they must travel going to the company.
  • Accountants who will do bookkeeping via email will charge $125 to $150 a month, and that’s only for basic accounting services. Most accountants agree to this because they don’t spend time and money for travel and they can also work with other companies for extra income.
  • If you hire an accounting firm, you may also be faced with accounting fees that are different from off-site accountants. For example, you pay the company $70 up to $100 a year by just computing your tax. All you have to do is input your data on the accounting firm’s cost calculator, and the result will be sent to you via email, tax or through phone calls.
  • In-house accountants who work as bookkeepers in the US have average annual earnings ranging from $30,000 to $39,898 while an account executive could earn $68,294 to $72,000 per year. Payroll managers do get around $57,600 annually, so these costs largely depend on the financial assets of the company.
  • Investopedia also says that experienced accountants who do tax filing for businesses are paid an average price of $159 up to $273 annually depending on the location the company is settled. For additional services like in expediting return taxes, an extra $88 could be charged by the accountant.

The average cost of an accountant may also vary based on the company’s financial asset and the accountant’s portfolio. For instance, a small business firm that has around $500,000 capital will usually pay $160/hour to a high-profile accountant to organize the company’s financial tax obligations while a junior executive will get only $73 an hour for the same job.

For firms that earn around $10 million per year, they usually pay $312 per hour to their partner accountants while their associates only get $188 an hour.

Consider These Before Hiring An Accountant

Not so many employees have the expertise the accountants have that’s why business people who are new in their trade would like to know how much does an accountant cost. And for those who are getting overwhelmed with their company’s expenses they may also ask the same question.

Nevertheless, don’t expect that accountants follow standard rates because an individual accountant, as we have discussed, would have a different rate compared to an accountant that works for an accounting firm. Freelance accountants are also professionals, so they have their free will when choosing their rates. So what we have shown here are the actually estimates based on the surveys.

Rule of thumb here – when choosing an accountant, experience must be of significant consideration. Though a professional accountant will charge you higher than a newbie, the output you’ll get will worth the pay you gave out.

This is why it is imperative that before you hire an accountant shop for some accountants that have the best portfolio and have earned the reputation as honest individuals. Once you have your choices, interview each of them so that you’ll know and feel which among them can work with you with ease.



Hot air balloons are really magnificent man-made floating aircraft that amazes every one of us and we can’t keep envying people who ride these. But did you know that these need to be registered and licensed under FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to make them meet safety standards and be able to carry people with utmost safety?

And aside from the licensing, you also need a license to fly one and must undergo certain amount of training hours to fly it. With these going on, we may now realize that owning a hot air balloon is no joke because it is considered an aircraft and not just some sort of a flying toy.

So if owning a hot balloon is a serious endeavor, how much would it cost?

Well, that depends on its size, number of passengers it can carry and the accessories it brings with it. To give you the most basic ideas, we now give you simple concepts that’s all about the hot air balloons’ size and costs.

Costing Based on Size and Capacity

Let’s say if you will be looking for a balloon with an envelope size of 77,000 cubic feet which is the standard size capable of carrying 3 to 4 passengers, this could run up from US$30,000 to $40,000. Its accessories would include a 3 to 4 persons capacity seat basket (gondola), 77 thousand cubic feet envelope, dual burners and 3 propane tanks. But added to that, you’ll also need to buy an inflation fan, trailer to bring it where you fly and fetch it, radios to connect to people on land and long ropes for use in landing and keeping the balloon secured. Already given is your vehicle that will tow the trailer.

Going back to the smaller type, a single-seater balloon as of late with 21,000 cubic feet volume could cost from $18,000 to $24,000 and this could already has its significant accessories loaded. A 2- 4 passenger basket also already pre-installed with accessories could cost from $24,000 to $30,000. For largest passenger balloons that are mostly used by commercial companies and can carry 20 to 24 people, these can run up to $200,000 especially if everything with it is new. The price you’ll pay may be reduced, however, if sponsors would pay you for the ads they would put on your balloon.

So basically, the price of the balloon depends on its accessories and size. If you will be assembling your own balloon and customize it with high-end accessories because you want to make it stand above the rest, then you may prepare for a larger budget. Some hot air ballooners prefer to use envelopes with advanced fabric technology or install lightweight basket capable of carrying more people or put on chairs made of stainless steel and these are all absolutely expensive.

Other Things That Can Affect the Cost

The cost of a hot air balloon also depends on the country where it is manufactured so a price tag for single passenger balloon in the US may be cheaper a few hundred bucks in the UK. But let’s discuss only the standard price in the US market.

Now, you may have watched hot air balloon festivals and seen these amazing balloons with different shapes like cartoon characters, mythical animals, insects or anything that have very interesting shapes. These are actually much expensive than the basic 3 to 4 passenger balloons and can cost from $120,000 to $400,000 depending on the complexities of its design. The more complex the shape, the more costly it gets.

Furthermore, hot air balloons are not actually designed to last. So just like cars, the older they get, the lesser their values can become. Once a hot balloon reaches 500 hours of flight, its parts tend to weaken particularly the envelope. This is why their flights are logged on so that owners would know when to change envelop.

In most cases, 400 hours of flight is enough for an envelope to be changed depending on its maintenance. However, if a safety personnel requires you to change an accessory or an envelope, you have no option but to oblige. Otherwise, you get no permit and no flight for you. This is why a lot of owners sell their hot air balloons after long hours of use because accessories are literally expensive.

So how much a second hand balloon could cost then? Well, that also depends on the hours it was flown. Some owners sell their 3-seater passenger balloons for about $10,000 or more once it reaches less than 300 hours of flight. But still, this must carry a safety certificate to ensure that the new owner can use it without the risks.

Now that we’re done discussing the costs of buying a hot air balloon, don’t forget also that you have to spend around $500 to $1,200 for a comprehensive insurance for your balloon because like we’ve said, this is an aircraft. And once you fly it, you must also hire ground chase crews to assist you from inflating it up to when landing it to the ground.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Crown Molding?

If you are building your home or wanted to improve the looks of your home interior, one of the best things you should consider is installing crown molding which as we all know are the trim pieces of boards that cap the seams between the corners of the walls and the ceilings.


Installing crown molding not only makes your home interior look great but can also increase the value of your home. But then, although some homeowners would choose to install these on their own, hiring a professional would always come up with a perfect job. In this case, you have to know how much does it cost to install crown molding.


Crown molding comes in three-piece types: the single, double and the three-piece crown molding. They are also available in three styles: the classical, colonial and the Greek style. Each has unique design and features to match up to anyone’s home style.


So let’s say you have chosen your type of crown molding, how much would the average crown molding installation cost then?


Average Crown Molding Installation Price


The installation cost of crown molding depends on many factors like your location, the type of crown molding you want and the price the company will quote you, and this includes the materials needed, labor, supplies and if there’s the need to repair before installation. In most cases like home renovations, listed in the cost package is removing the old molding and cleaning up the space to make way for the new batch.


You must also remember that the expense of the overall installation depends on the length of the area you want to crown and this will be measured by linear feet. Linear feet is simply the length of your room in feet from corner to corner.


For example, if the overall measurement of your room’s corners measures 125 linear feet and the cost per linear foot quoted to you by the company is around $6.22, the total cost you pay can be from $777.50 (125X$6.22) up to $780, and that covers everything. However, this is considered the low-end estimation.


Some companies, on the other hand, especially the more established home repair companies could quote you $9.59/linear foot so multiply that by 125 linear feet that come up to $1,199. Especially if you want the hardwood crown, these are the expensive types.


These are just some examples of the costing, and as we said, the crown molding installation cost will always depend on the materials and supplies needed, the labor required and the reputation of the company you want to hire for the job.


Crown Molding Materials and Cost Range (labor not included):

Since we discussed above the estimated total average of the crown molding installation cost, homeowners should also know that they have many choices when it comes to the type of crown molding materials that are now available in the market. It is also necessary to note that each type has a corresponding cost for every linear foot.


In the past, the old school crown moldings are carved wood. Wood crown moldings are lightweight, readily available, can be painted with any color and easily customizable. But today, we have some options for the crown molding aside from wood and crown molding sellers do price them differently based on their materials.


So let’s say you want to buy your crown molding, how typically each type could cost per linear foot? Here is what we got and we still included the wood types.


  • Soft wood like walnut, ash, and knotty pine has an average of $1 to $6/linear foot.
  • Cherry wood ranges from $4 to $6/linear foot.


  • Maple can be from $2 to $5/linear foot.


  • Poplar would range from $2 to $3/linear foot.


  • Exotic or hardwoods like white and red oak, mahogany, hickory, quartersawn and white oak may go from $10-$45/linear foot.


  • Plaster molding. Average cost runs at $6 to 12/linear foot. However, this is quite hard to install because plaster is hard.


  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) has an average $1-$3/linear foot.


  • Polystyrene foam which is the cheapest averaged $1-$2/linear foot.


  • Polyurethane ranges from $2 to $6/linear foot.


  • PVC which is best to install in bathrooms and kitchens where there can be constant moisture may cost from $1 to $3/linear foot.


  • Aluminum, steel or copper molding which are best for outdoor installation like garage and workshops cost from $20 to $25/linear foot.


As of early 2017, the estimation of the average crown molding installation price that was spent by homeowners in the US is around $1,094 being $300 at the lowest and $3,000 for the highest cost. So regardless of the size of homes and economic status of homeowners, people still prefer having their homes installed with crown molding.


Will You Install It Or Hire the Pros?


How much does it cost to install crown molding is always a question of wanting to have it installed and how much will it cost. Would you rather put it up yourself or hire professionals to do the arduous job? Remember that if you do the installation, the outcome depends on your skills and patience although you may save some money with this endeavor.


Technically, you have to know that crown molding should always sit from simple to compound angles where the ceilings and walls meet so aside from having the materials you need and the right tools, you must also know the mechanics of angling, measuring and cutting.


But then if you are far from the ideal carpentry guy, or don’t have the tools to use or cannot even cut a piece with a 90-degree angle on a Styrofoam, we suggest you hire a contractor to do the job. Hiring professionals, of course, can be costly but your return on investment is far much better than producing a home renovation project done by the fifth grader.


Installed by professionals, your home will have a more aesthetic appeal as you will have an elegant accent to every corner of your ceiling. And when it comes to buying supplies if ever you DIY, you won’t be able to buy things that are not necessary. In effect, hiring professional crown molding installers would still be a better idea and will eventually satisfy you and your family with the outcome.


How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

Pianos are some of the most expensive musical furniture we can keep as investments. They are also the perfect instruments to keep at home by those who love music that’s why providing the utmost care for them is necessary. However, pianos have one downside and that they are particularly voluminous and hard to move. So when you need to move out, here comes the problem.

On the one hand, there are risks if you’ll try to move a heavy piano by yourselves. Either you get hurt, or the piano gets damage or can happen both. This is why hiring professional piano movers is essential. But how much does it cost to move a piano?

Before we look at the piano moving cost, we should check first how to choose the right company for the moving.

Best Qualities Piano Movers Must Possess

  • Registered and excellent track record. With these qualities, professionalism is assured.


  • To cover your piano in the case of damages and you must check this before signing a contract.


  • Trained, strong movers with precise teamwork.


  • Smart movers can always find ways to move pianos regardless of its size, weight, and difficulties along the way.


  • Equipment and tools. These are to help movers handle the tasks and to ensure accidents won’t happen.

Cost of Moving a Piano

The cost of moving a piano depends on the size and weight of the piano, where it will be coming from and need to be moved, the tools and equipment needed and the distance. Remember that pianos are quite heavy and not easy to carry.

According to a piano moving company, here are the possible costs that could incur with the job.

  • If it only requires moving a small upright piano near your location that could only cost $100. But if movers need to take it on stairs, the cost could range from $200 to $250.
  • A precious concert grand piano, if it needs to be moved far from its current location, the cost could range from $1,000 to $2,000.


  • Aside from the piano movers cost, there could be the additional cost if movers need to use tools and equipment. Each equipment or device also has a corresponding value.

Below are the examples:

  • Four-wheel dolly specially designed for moving a piano. Charge range from $125 – $130.


  • Locking piano belt is a long belt that would be strapped to the piano and the dolly to prevent the piano from moving and slipping – $25 – $30.


  • Hump strap to strap the dolly or piano to the body of the movers or use it to tie and carry the piano – $25 to $30.


  • Piano skid board. This is a wide board used when taking the piano upstairs and downstairs – $100 to $125

Now, there could also be some changes or let’s say possible additional charges in moving your piano based on some factors. Let’s check what these could be:

  • Hourly rate. Some piano moving company may charge by the hour or a minimum of 3 hours.


  • Type of piano you want to move. The more expensive the piano, the higher the piano movers cost can get.


  • The size of the piano. The bigger the piano, the more men, needed to move it.


  • The distance is calculated in miles and companies always set their minimum distance which means you have to pay additional costs if the distance exceeds the limit.


  • The complexities of the job. It could mean the difficulty of moving the piano such as carrying it on a high terrain, inside a tall building without elevators, between small spaces and so on.


  • The number of movers needed for the job.


  • Time limit and waiting time.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano Over Long Distances or Abroad?

As we have mentioned, long distance piano moving could range from $1,000 to $2,000. But when it comes to overseas moving, the cost can get as high $3,500 excluding the moving cost from your home and to its another location. What this means is that if you’ll be charged with the moving from your home to the airport and the cost of air shipping is another story. Then there would be another cost from the airport to its destination.

For cargo shipping, aside from the fare, you also have to pay for the storage room that is maintained at an optimum temperature, and this can cost you $50 to $60 a month. If the piano needed to be lifted by a crane, like from the ship or through your home window, the charge could be from $750 to $2,000.

Types of Piano and Moving Cost Breakdown

We should also know that there are different kinds of piano and because each type could have different dimensions and weight, the piano moving companies may also charge them to customers differently. Considering that you’ll be moving into a new apartment with your piano, the following can be any of your piano type with their estimated moving cost.

Moving Costs for Every Piano Type with Their Corresponding Weights (Estimates)

  • Studio Upright Piano. The most compact but can weigh 300 to 400 pounds. It can be moved using stairs and elevators and requires two movers minimum. Cost can range from $195 to $300.


  • Standard Upright Piano. A bit larger than the studio type, this can reach up to four feet tall and can weigh 600 up to 800 pounds. It would take around 4 to 5 people to move this. Cost could be from $200 to $320 not including the carpentry work if it has to go through a narrow door.


  • Player Upright Piano. The classic style but can weigh up to 1000 pounds (1 ton). Several people are needed to move this. Thus this could cost you around $200 to $350.


  • Baby Grand Piano. This type usually has an unusual size and shape and wider features. Moving cost can range from $250 to $400.



  • Studio Grand Piano. These are the professional types and larger and heavier than the baby grand. Very hard to move, it can weigh more than a ton and requires many movers to move it. Cost can be from $225 up to $415.


  • Parlor Grand Piano. With a length of five to seven feet long, this can weigh around 900 to 1,000 pounds. With its sheer weight, length and volume, a lot of movers will be required, and the expense could go from $415 to $650.

Professional piano movers can quickly estimate the cost of moving piano by just its type followed by the distance, difficulty of the job, men required, tools needed and other factors. On the other hand, the costing here are just the estimates but still very near the standard rates. But if you want a more accurate costing, you can call a piano moving company near you and state the dimension of your piano.


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bounce House?

When it comes to having children’s fun, there’s nothing that can be more appealing to them than playing in a bounce house. These inflatable toy houses can provide kids a lot of exciting moments. They give the best fun exercises for kids during children’s parties, family and friends gathering and even company events where kids will be included. However, bounce houses cost a lot if you’re thinking of putting the large ones for special occasions in your yard. Nevertheless, you can also rent one to save you some money and ultimately make kids enjoy the events. But how much does it cost to rent a bounce house?

Average Bounce House Rental Prices

Bounce houses are available in a variety of designs and themes. There are those that have the castles designs, the obstacles type with slides, the game rooms and a lot more. However, before renting a bounce house, make sure the rental company is licensed and insured especially the ones that you find it online. Their products should also be 100% safe for kids, and therefore these must be lead-free, made of quality materials, very durable and have fire retardant qualities.

For renting a bounce house, typically the cost is priced per block of hours because clearly nobody will rent a bounce house for just three hours or below that’s why block hours are set by rental companies like 4, 6, 8, and 12 up to 24 hours.

Here we present the most typical rental rates that bounce house rental companies follow:

  • The regular hourly rent rate for medium size bounce house ranges from $10 to $40 an hour. The rate also depends on the design of the unit. So if you want to rent a bounce house good for three to four kids, a block of 4 hours could cost you $40 to $160. For a large number of kids, you’ll need the bigger ones which can be rented for $50 to $80 per hour so a block of 4 hours could cost you $200 to $320.


  • Some new rental companies would agree to lease their bounce houses from $100 to $250 a day or depending on the design and size of the bounce house. Conversely, a large one could end up with a rent rate of $350 a day.


  • For bounce houses that have very elaborate designs and a lot of rooms to play on, the average rent cost for the medium size can cost $200 and to the largest up to $575 a day. Such unit can include climbing walls, slides and even splash areas for kids to dip.


  • Other companies rent combo bounce houses that present five features such as climbing area, slides, jump area, obstacles and basketball hoop and the average bounce house rental prices for these could range from $300 to $400 for eight hours.

Factors that Affect the Bounce House Renting Cost

Renting a bounce house may look like a simple thing because it only takes some money to rent one and a phone call. But you also have to know that there are factors that could add up to the renting cost and these could be any of the following:

  • The distance of the rental company to your house can add a bit of the cost when it comes to the rent. For example, if you live in a semi-urban area and there are no rental companies near your location, but only in the city, the company may ask you to add up for the delivery charges. Usually, companies charge customers for gas cost when the distance exceeds 10 miles.


  • Set-up charge. If you don’t agree that you pick the bounce house up from the rental company, you may request a drop-off. However, some rental companies would just drop the item in front of your door and leave so you need to set it up yourself. The problem is, a large folded bounce house could weigh up to 300 pounds. With this volume, it would be difficult to inflate it unless you have an electric pump inflator. Some companies would offer to take care of everything from delivery, set-up, inflation, deflation up to pick-up but there could be additional fees for these.


  • Pay for damage. There are companies that may force you to sign a “damage waiver” in case the bounce house got ripped, had a hole or any damage due to excessive use, so you have to pay for the deed. So be aware of the damage waiver when renting a bounce house and clear this issue out before signing a contract.


  • Holiday charges. Since most children are on vacation during holidays, a lot of families are renting bounce houses for their kids to enjoy their day off. However, renting one during the holidays could spell additional charges because of the demand. As such, if you’ll be using a credit card or make an online payment, you could end up being charged with 3% of the entire bounce house renting cost.


  • Late pick-up. If you agree that the bounce house would be picked up by you at a particular time, since companies also have strict guidelines when it comes to time, a late pick-up would mean an additional charge on your part. So if renting time ends at 8 pm and you picked yours past this period, you could be charged 10% from the total rent rate as a penalty. The same goes with return time although there’s a time allowance allotted for this.

How much does it cost to rent a bounce house fairly depends on your needs and the type of bounce house you would want to rent. Here are the types to choose from:

  • Indoor bounce houses. These are shorter that could fit inside homes and garages but with smaller bounce areas.


  • Standard bounce houses. These are the indoor types but are designed for outdoor use and reinforced with thicker materials and are usually larger and heavier.

Other than these two traditional bounce houses, there are also the inflatable water parks and the commercial inflatables which you can add along with the bounce houses. If you want kids to show their competitive skills, there also the interactive inflatables and inflatable obstacle courses for games and competition and these suit children of all ages.

With a complete package for kids to enjoy, an outdoor experience for kids with the bounce houses can help them build their skills and camaraderie with other children aside from helping them develop their physical and mental capabilities.


How Much Does It Cost to Rent Scaffolding

When it comes to constructing structures, cleaning, painting or repairing buildings that need high support platform for workers, there’s nothing that can better be used by workers to make them do their jobs up there other than the scaffoldings. These jointed metal structures can carry many workers at a time and are safer, more convenient to use and more stable than the ladders. It can also carry tools, small equipment or anything that workers need to free their hands. But because scaffoldings are typically used for commercial and industrial jobs, most scaffoldings are for rent. In this case, how much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

First, you have to know that there are different types of scaffoldings for various types of work and the following are the most common types:

  • Single scaffolding. Also known as bricklayers’ scaffolding, these are used mainly for brick masonry. It is constructed a bit parallel to the wall with a distance of 1.2 meters and composed of standard metal tubes, ledgers, and putlogs.
  • Double scaffolding. Used generally for stone masonry work thus known as mason’s scaffolding. It has two rows of scaffolding for more stable support.
  • Cantilever scaffolding. This scaffolding can be converted from single into double frame scaffolding. It is utilized if the ground below is not compact enough to support the standard scaffoldings or when only the wall above needs to be constructed.
  • Suspended scaffolding. As its name, this type is suspended from the roof and held by chains or wire ropes to enable workers to raise or lower themselves to their chosen height level. It is mainly used during painting, repairing or cleaning buildings.
  • Trestle scaffolding. This type has wheels to move it around inside buildings. With a standard height of five meters, it has a raised, adjustable platform and a ladder and best preferred for painting and repairing jobs.
  • Steel scaffolding. This type is made up of steel tubes joined by steel couplers and fittings. It can be dismantled easily and can be constructed anywhere. It also provides better support for workers and better stability.
  • Patented scaffolding. Already pre-constructed by manufacturers thus branded as patented scaffolding, this type is all solid metal construction including the couplings. The working platform can be adjusted to the desired level.

Average Scaffolding Rental Price

Scaffoldings can be rented for a day/days or week/weeks or even for a month or months. These options provide customers to continue working without disruption. Though most construction companies have their scaffoldings, as a homeowner or a business owner it is practical to rent scaffoldings than to buy it unless you need one for personal use for repair, home painting or for minor home construction.

According to a scaffolding rental cost estimation website, there are various ways on how scaffolding rents are computed. And conversely, there are also factors that could affect the cost of the rent such as the type of scaffolding you want, the height you wanted, the kind of materials and labor you need and also the location where you live.

Here are some baseline estimates to give you some ideas on the average scaffolding rental price that are now prevailing in the market:

  • If you want to rent a standard 6-feet high rolling scaffolding, the cost could range from $15 to $40 a day. For a weekly rent, the company would agree to rent it from $50 to $150 a week. You can also rent by the piece like if you only need a guard rail for your scaffolding, for example.
  • Scaffolding rental cost also depends on the location. For instance, a rental shop in Colorado will charge you $18 per day or $52 a week for a portable and adjustable scaffolding complete with stabilizers. In Georgia, the rent could be from $15 to $22 per week for the same type of scaffolding.
  • For larger size scaffolding, rate could be from $40 to $150 per week, and if you need more height which means an additional part like the workbench, you’ll be asked to pay extra $40 more or less.
  • Depending on the kinds of metal you want to use with the scaffolding like an aluminum folding ladder instead of the heavy iron ladder, you may pay rental cost ranging from $300 to $800/week.
  • In some states, the 4-wheeled scaffolding types are the most rented, and they have rental fee ranging from $80 to $300 per week. If more accessories are needed, around $200 may be charged from you.
  • The large commercial or industrial type scaffolding that can hold up workers, tools and other construction materials totaling to 2,000 pounds can be rented from $1,200 to $1,500/week. But if you want the biggest with lots of accessories, a weekly rent of $2,000 to $2,500 could not be far.

Factors That Can Influence Scaffolding Rental Price

Renting a scaffolding may also involve other costs so as a renter, you have to clear everything out with the company before signing the papers. So here are the possible factors that can add up to your scaffolding rental cost:

  • Delivery charge. This task could be added to the rental cost since the company would also be paying people to deliver the goods right to your site. In most cases, the delivery charge could range from $50 to $75, and that includes the unloading and loading.
  • Gas charge. If your house or construction site exceeded the distance limit set by the company, you could be charged for every mile with the gas cost.
  • Labor for set-up and for tearing down the structure. Depending on your agreement with the rental company, your rent may not include the set-up and tearing down of the scaffolding. If you don’t have the workforce to do these, better prepare for additional cost for these tasks.

So how much does it cost to rent scaffolding will depend on your needs. Always, the size of the scaffolding you require will dictate the rental cost while the features you want plus the labor included are just part of the added cost. To ensure that your budget for rent will exactly fit with your scaffolding needs, better shop for some registered scaffolding rental companies and compare their quotes. When you have your choices, call them to make sure there are no hidden charges with their quotes.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Dog?

Dogs are like families as they are the man’s best friends. They love and protect us that’s why we should love them back. And wherever we go, we should bring them with us because who will leave a family behind? However, it’s not easy to bring pets especially if you’re going abroad. And here comes the problem because there’s a lot of paperwork needed and the cost for shipping your pet is not a joke. So how much does it cost to ship a dog and what are the requirements?

Requirements to Ship a Dog

Initially, you have to consider how you can ship your dog in a way it won’t get harmed and feel stressed. Would you send it through air transportation, by land or by ship? So before we talk about the average dog shipment rate, let’s do a quick look first on the necessary requirements for shipping your pet.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, if you will be traveling or want to send your dog or cat to the US or from the US to another country, animal health requirements will be needed such as vaccinations and disease testing certificates and of course some permits. After these get completed, you have to request the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to review the papers and endorse these to the company you choose that will handle the shipping. And to make sure you won’t encounter problems with your dog, you also have to consult the city vets where you’ll be living in for any requirements. In this aspect, ask your veterinarian to help you.

Average Shipment Rate

The average dog shipment rate of dogs varies to every country as well as with the company that will do the shipping. Each country also has its requirements, and you must follow these and also have to pay for the processing of the documents. But first, we have to know what would be the average shipment rate locally and internationally for dogs.

To give you a good example, we checked a website that promotes a pet air travel company. The company will offer you a package to help you avoid the headaches on arranging for your pet’s shipping. Included in the package are the airfare fee, airport transportation (airport to door delivery service), pet travel packet (crate tags, stickers, travel documents) and vet packet which include travel documents approved by a licensed vet for your pet to travel locally or internationally.

  • For one pet – $350 for domestic pet shipping, $850 from the US to nearby countries, $500 from international to the US and $800 from the US to EU.
  • For additional pet – $250 for domestic shipping, $650 from the US to nearby countries, $250 from international to the US, and $650 from the US to EU.
  • Airfare range per pet – $300 to $875 for domestic shipping, $400 to $2,100 from the US to nearby countries, $400 to 2,100 from international to the US and $400 to $2,100 from the US to EU.
  • Airport transportation – $300 to $450 + $75 for handling fee.
  • Pet travel packet – around $35
  • Vet packet/application – $200 to $300 for every pet.

So judging from the rates above and as we also checked with another pet air travel company’s rate, domestic shipping for a single dog could cost ranging from $350 up to $600. The $600 range would include the company assisting the owner for the necessary requirements including securing health certificates.

Through land shipping which is usually with pet vans, the cost of travel could range from $500 to $725 plus the cost of the fuel that will be spent by the van once distance exceeded 500 miles. Shipping pets by ship, this is not recommended by most vets because it could take days before the ship could arrive at its destination specifically to far away countries and this could stress out the dogs.

Factors That Affect the Shipping Cost

The issue of how much does it cost to ship a dog also depends on many factors. These factors could influence the shipping costs and could spell for additional expenses or discounts. We identify some of these.

  • The size of the dog. Size is considered because a large dog will need a large crate. A large crate means a more expensive crate.
  • If the dog hates to be around with other dogs, it may need an exclusive place within the shipping area to avoid creating chaos with other pets, and this could mean additional expenses.
  • Dog insurance. Insurance is necessary so that if something happens to your dog, so the company will be obliged to pay its duties if ever your dog gets harmed. Dog insurance may cost $1 to $100.
  • If you often travel with your dog, you will need to purchase a pet travel guide, and this is around $18.
  • Pet relocation services that offer discounts. If you can book early for reservation online, you may have a discount for around $200.
  • More than two pets. Some companies will offer half-price if you have multiple numbers of dogs for travel.
  • Rush reservation. You may be asked to add around $200 for the rush booking especially during the holidays or special events.

The Cost to Ship a Puppy

Most people would prefer to ship puppies more than the adult dogs because a puppy requires a smaller space, easy to handle and can quickly adapt to its new environment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people getting scammed in ordering puppies online like they are pieces of items which is not supposed to happen. If you want to buy puppies, buy it from legitimate pet shops that will also arrange the required documents for your puppy’s shipping.

So how much it would cost to ship a puppy? It depends on the company’s rate, but the standard price with puppy’s air shipping ranges from $200-$300 each. This cost may or may not include the airfare. And just like the adult dogs, puppies also need the necessary documents for them to travel, and the processing can cost around $40 to $60.

If you only have a small dog like a Chihuahua or a little puppy and can be contained in a small crate, you can ask the airline company if they allow hand-carrying small pets and putting its crate under your seat and this could be for free considering that your puppy can have the necessary documents. But if the airline won’t allow it, your puppy would be kept secured in the pet cargo and you would need to pay for the charge plus the airfare and probably the crate the airline will provide.

How Much Does Power Window Repair Cost?

As car owners, power windows make it easy for us to control our windows even while driving. And in spite of their very convenient features, they only have simple components like the switch, wiring, regulator, fuse, and motor. However, because we always move our windows up and down, these tend to break down through time thus if changing the whole system is not yet necessary, then fixing it would make it going smoothly again.  So how much does it costs to fix power window?

Power Window Repair Cost

The most common troubles that can happen on power windows could be misaligned or broken regulator or motor. Other issues like fuse, switch and wiring problem do seldom occur. With regulator or motor problem, you may get different symptoms like glass window reacting abnormally, glass not moving at all or window glass stops in the middle of the operation. If you cannot do the repair since you have to disassemble the whole door to see the problem, better bring your car to car repair shop for diagnosis and fixing.

More so, before taking your vehicle to the shop, you must know that power window repair cost can vary depending on the local rate, make and model of your car or which part will need to be fixed or replaced. Also, the cost can also be influenced based on who will do the repair like will it be fixed by an independent mechanic, a chain repair shop or with a dealership.

To provide you with an average cost repair breakdown for each part, check what we have gathered below.

Analysis of Power Windows Repair Cost and Factors That Can Affect the Cost

There are a lot of things that could dictate the possible cost for every repair on power windows.

  • A diagnosis plus fixing which include opening up the door and cleaning out dirt and debris that is rendering the malfunctioning of the system could cost from $50 up to $200. In case there is the need to repair, there could be additional fees.
  • Regulator replacement

Bill could go from $50 to $550 depending on the model of the car or if the car company manufactures the regulator (OEM) or if other car companies are making the part (aftermarket). Other than the cost, there will also be the labor cost. Assuming that the technician or mechanic will work for about 1.5 to 3 hours to replace the regulator, the total cost you’ll pay could go from $150 to $900.

  • Motor replacement

The replacement could range from $40 to $300, but this cost will also depend on the make and model of your car as well as the OEM and aftermarket. Again, for 1.5 to 3 hours labor in replacing the part, the total cost could range from $150 to $900.

  • Regulator and motor replacement

The range of the price will also depend on the make and model of your car, the OEM and aftermarket. Both replacements including labor can cost from $50 to $850.

For example, the shop bought a new regulator from an aftermarket and a motor from Honda for your car which cost $49 to $107. For 1.5 to 3 hours in installing these, you may be charged a total of $150 up to $1,100, so this includes the parts plus the labor.

How About Car Window Off Track Repair Rate?

The regulator has metal bars with a track that support the window, and during operation, the car’s window goes up and down like the mechanism of a scissor. However, if your window suddenly got stuck but you hear the power window motor humming, or if the window got misaligned, there is as strong possibility that your car window went off the track or has slipped out of the regulator’s rail track.

Since the metal bars are built solidly and won’t break that easy, the cause of the off-track issue could be that your car got into an accident and the door interior was crushed misaligning the metal tracks or bending it. It could also be that the plastic joints have eroded or there’s only the need to grease the joints.

For some, fixing an off track window could be easy. But if your car has the elaborate door built and you never want to spend your time diagnosing and repairing your vehicle window, better bring it as well to a shop for fixing.

Car window off track repair rate like other costs of some window parts can also vary so. Essentially, the automatic and the mechanical power window regulator have different costing regarding repair. So here is another cost breakdown to know the difference between the cost of repairing or replacing a regulator of a mechanical and an automatic car window.

  • Mechanical window regulator repair cost

Mechanical window regulators may have a lot of gears and parts, but because it doesn’t need electrical power to operate, the technician may not find it hard to fix. However, there’s a lot of labor involve in fixing off track of mechanical window regulator especially if there are small parts that were broken.

The technician will take the door apart to gain access to the interlocking gears and will check and repair the part that has the problem. If the repair may take some time and some parts need replacements, the cost could go from $200 to $500.

  • Automatic window regulator repair cost

Automatic window regulators are made up of expensive components so fixing them demand more labor and costs. The process of repair may involve dismantling the door, aligning the misaligned track, fixing the glass securely on the track or replacing joints if needed. If necessary, a total replacement of the regulator will be done to avoid future issues. The cost of repair or replacement of the whole regulator set, therefore, could range from $800 to $1,000.

So if you are wondering how much does power window repair cost could go, this article can give you a clear idea of the most probable expenses that you will spend with the repair. But then, every car repair shops have a different rating system with their repair so better shop around for the cheapest quote. You can also ask advice from mechanics you know to get a more credible estimation based on your power window’s issues.